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The St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society is dedicated to the formation and support of Catholic lay missionaries to bring the love of Christ to others in Asia.


The St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society is dedicated to pursuing the Christian call to mission by serving in Asia in an effort to draw all people, especially young adults, into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God.  As Catholic lay missionaries, we devote ourselves to bringing the love of Christ to non-Christians and providing faith formation for those already baptized to form loving faith communities of intentional disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to serving Christ in every aspect of life.

We further seek to:
  • spread awareness within the Church of the special call of many laity to foreign missions
  • aid individuals in their discernment to serve God in a foreign culture
  • form overseas missionaries of a high standard, grounded in faith and love in the service of our Lord.


We strive to conduct ourselves as ambassadors for Christ, serving with
  • love
  • compassion
  • understanding
  • encouragement
  • humility
  • respect
  • leadership
  • social justice
so that more people throughout the world might be filled with the hope and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.