Campus Outreach

500,000 Chinese international students on US campuses…

 …but virtually no outreach by Catholic faith communities

And yet many Chinese are curious about the Christian faith.  Where will they find welcome and understanding?

Cross-Cultural Outreach to Asian College Students
One of the domestic initiatives of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society is a Campus Outreach program focusing on cross-cultural Catholic outreach to Asian students studying at North American colleges and universities.

The Situation
Last year alone, well over a half million Chinese students were studying at North American colleges and universities - most from mainland China - where the majority will spend a minimum of four years before returning to Asia.

Most have had little to no exposure to the Gospel prior to arriving on Western shores.  Many will be curious about the Christian faith and look for an opportunity to learn more about Jesus Christ.  Yet who will help them on their journey of discovery?

Currently, there is virtually no Catholic outreach effort focusing on sharing the life and love of Jesus Christ with these international students.  For most students, if their desire to learn about the Christian faith is strong enough, they will have to make a concerted effort on their own to find a church.  And what will they encounter when they arrive?  Who will be there to greet them and explain the faith, Jesus Christ, the liturgy, the Eucharist, the life of the Church to them?

Thus, 4-7 years later, many of these educated young adults will return to Asia only slightly more informed of the Christian faith in the sense that it continues to permeate American society.  A few, who made friends with active Christians or who were persistent in seeking out the faith on their own, may have journeyed a little farther.  And when they return home, what chance will they then have of encountering Christ?  
In reality, only a small percentage of these international students will be received into the Body of Christ while they are here.  But only a very few.  How can we better utilize this opportunity to share our faith with others, particularly these young adults from Asia, and thus encourage the spread of our faith in other countries and cultures?

Learn to Share the Gospel in a Way that is Culturally Understood and Respectful 

Our Approach
Members of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society have utilized their extensive Catholic ministry experience working within Asian communities both in the US and abroad to develop a program to train campus ministers and evangelically minded Catholic students to engage in effective cross-cultural outreach.  Though our program is particularly focused on East Asian populations, its methods and principles of relationship building, faith sharing and cultural awareness can be applied in any evangelical context for the purpose of sharing the love of Jesus Christ to those living outside of the Church, and providing them with friendship, support, and resources during their time in North America.

How would you like to join us in this effort?
  • Invite us to do a workshop on cross-cultural evangelization on your campus
  • Become a cross-cultural evangelist yourself
  • Start your own Small Christian Community prayer and study group welcoming students curious about the faith
  • Sponsor Chinese bilingual Campus Outreach Kits (see below)
  • Prayer
For more information on how to become involved, please contact us at: 

Campus Outreach Kits* include:
  • Chinese Catholic New Testament Study Bible with guided Lectio Divina throughout
  • bilingual New Testament
  • bilingual Mass sheets (x10)
  • bilingual books of inspiring words of faith from Mother Teresa (x5)
  • Chinese pamphlets introducing the Catholic faith used throughout mainland China (x10)
  • Chinese prayer cards on the Apostles' Creed, Rosary, and St. Francis' prayer for peace
  • Our Lady of China prayer card with Hail Mary in Chinese (x10)
  • care package of Chinese treats from home
* Other materials available by request (eg. Chinese Catechism, books on Scripture, the saints)

* All proceeds go to support our missionary outreach efforts in Asia.
To find out more about how you can support our missionary work in Asia, please go here or contact us directly.  Thank you and God bless!