Below are our upcoming and past events.  If you are interested in becoming involved with or helping to sponsor an event, please contact us.  Thank you and God bless!

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Missionary Scavenger Hunt

When:  Saturday, July 16, 9am - 4pm
Where:  St. Dominic's Catholic Church, Aquinas Room
            2360 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Called & Gifted Workshop - Hong Kong

When:  Friday, May 13, 7pm-9pm  and  
            Saturday, May 14, 9am-4pm (Vigil Mass at 7pm)

Where:  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Hong Kong

"The Growth of the Church in the World:  Yesterday & Today"

When:  Friday, May 6, 2016, 6-7:30pm
Where:  UC Davis Newman Center

A survey of the history of the growth of the Church throughout the world until the present day and the role that all Christians play in the Mission of the Church.

Spirit of Mission:  "Samurai, Saints and the Struggle for God's Glory"

When:  Tuesday, April 19, 7:30-9pm
Where:  Stanford University, Old Union, Common Room, 3rd Flr

From the martyrdom of St. Paul Miki & Companions, the persecution of two centuries of hidden Christians, to the bombing of Japan's largest Catholic community at Nagasaki and the rise of wacky modern cults -- Japan's Christians have experienced immense suffering and challenges to their faith and way of life in a society that hungers for greater meaning. Yet the Church survives and the story of Japan's Christians continues to inspire thousands around the world with their stories of faith and courage.

Catholicism 101:  "Missionaries & Martyrs"

When:  Monday, April 18, 7-8:30pm
Where:  Stanford University, GCC, Nairobi Room

The recent martyrdom of the Missionaries of Charity and other 
Christian missionaries and lay faithful in the Middle East reminds us that we continue to be a persecuted Church. Yet in spite of the dangers and other unique challenges of missionary work, throughout the life of the Church, brave Spirit-filled men and women continue to raise high the name of our Risen Lord in an effort to draw all people to salvation in Christ Jesus. What should our response be as Christians and how can their example strengthen and inspire us in our own calling to proclaim the Gospel in our lives?

Young Adult Retreat:  "Loving God and Each Other Well:  Going Forth"

When:  Sunday, April 17, 10am
Where:  Russian River Retreat Center

How well do we really understand Christian love?  How well do we accept God's own love for us?  Where does forgiveness fit in?  What does the discipline of love mean according to St. Paul? How best can we learn to love God and others as God has loved us.  Let us go forth and radiate the love of Christ!

Spirit of Mission:  "The Church in China"

When:  Monday, February 8, 7-9pm
Where:  Stanford University, Old Union, Rm. 122

What does the Church in China really look like? Come learn more about the status of the Church in China and ways that it can continue to grow and flourish. Learn how the stories of Chinese Christians can inspire us to be bolder witnesses of our faith amidst the increased secularization of our society, particularly within the Bay Area.  Come join us for this special Chinese New Year edition of Spirit of Mission.

Commissioning Rite of Lay Missionary Novices

When:  Saturday, February 6, 7:30pm
Where:  St. Dominic's Catholic Church

Come witness the special commissioning rite and pray for those who are aspiring to serve as lay missionaries in Asia.

Spirit of Mission:  "Incredible India - Mother Teresa and Beyond"

When:  Wednesday, January 13, 7-9pm
Where:  Stanford University, Old Union, Rm. 121

Journey with us to India, where we travel from the tropical beaches of Goa to the poverty-stricken slums of Calcutta to learn how some of the most inspiring men and women of our faith found joy in spreading the light of Christ.  How can we find joy and experience Christ in the midst of struggles and disappointment in our own lives and share that love with others?


Spirit of Mission:  "Heroes of Mission"

When:  Thursday, December 3, 7pm
Where:  Stanford University, Old Union, Seminar Room, 3rd Flr

Paul the Apostle. Francis Xavier. Mother Teresa. Lorenzo Ruiz. Alessandro Valignano. Matteo Ricci. Joseph Vaz.  Saints, martyrs, and heroes of the mission field. 

Real stories. Real people of faith. You are called. Now be inspired through the heroic lives of faith of these missionary saints to Asia.


Spirit of Mission:  "Mission Within the Church"

When:  Tuesday, October 27, 7pm
Where:  Stanford University, Old Union, Seminar Room, 3rd Flr

Join us on a journey to experience your faith in a new light and realize your unique calling in Christ through voices of faith and courage from the mission fields of Asia. Discover how you are beautifully called and gifted to actively participate in Christ’s mission here at Stanford and throughout the world.

St. Dominic's Jubilee Conference:  "Radiating the Joy of the Gospel in the Heart of the City"

When:  Saturday, November 7, 9:30am - 5pm
Where:  St. Dominic's Catholic Church in SF

We're inviting the entire parish and community to help launch the year-long 800th DOMINICAN JUBILEE celebration with this day of prayer, exciting speakers, fellowship, workshops, action projects, & commissioning.

Tricia has been invited to speak on "Radiating the Joy of Christ Through Encounter" at this beautiful opportunity to encourage all Christians to be an active witness of our faith and celebrate 800 years of Dominican Life!

The Upper Room - Emmuas Young Adults  "Called to Serve in Asia"

When:  Friday, August 28, 6:30pm
Where:  St. Martin de Porres in Yorba Linda, CA

Missionary sharing for young adults on the Christian call to evangelization.

Called & Gifted Workshop - Hong Kong

When:  Thursday, April 30, 7pm-9pm  and  
            Friday, Maay 1, 9am-4pm

Where:  St. Anne's Catholic Church, Stanley, Hong Kong

Texas Tour:  "Be Ready to Give an Account of Your Hope:  Experiencing the Catholic Church in China"

When:  January (various dates)
Where:  Texas (various locations)

To more fully understand the Catholic Church in China, indeed, the whole of the Christian Church in China, one must look beyond the headlines and the politics to understand the people. Who are China's Catholics and what is the society like in which they live? What is the history of Christianity in China and what does the face of Christ's Church look like today in mainland China?

What can Chinese Catholics teach us on how we can live out the Gospel in our own lives, and to be Christ to all—including those in our backyard?


USC Lecture - "Experiencing the Catholic Church in China"

When:  Monday, April 21, 6:15pm-8pm
Where:  USC Caruso Catholic Center, Newman Hall
            844 West 32nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Called & Gifted Workshop - Hong Kong

When:  Friday, March 28th, 7pm-9pm  and  
            Saturday, March 29th, 9am-4pm

Where:  Newman Catholic College, 2 Cliff Road,       
            Kowloon (Yau Ma Tei) 

St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society