China Churches

The Church in China is often spoken about, but not well understood, even by many of her own members.  Like all members of the Body of Christ around the world, the Church in China needs our prayer.  We hope to provide helpful resources for a greater understanding of the Catholic Church in China and a listing of churches in major cities for those who are traveling abroad.

If you would like to update our information or have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Major Cities

北京 Beijing

成都 Chengdu

廣州 Guangzhou

深圳 Shenzhen

石家莊 Shijiazhuang

太原 Taiyuan

天津 Tianjin

乌鲁木齐 Ürümqi

西安 Xi'an

朝聖的地方 Pilgrimage Spots (coming soon!)


* As guests of the countries we visit, it is important to be respectful of its customs and regulations.  If you would like a better understanding of how to live out your faith while in China and support the Church there through meaningful prayer and encouragement, while being respectful of local laws and regulations, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you.  請為中國祈禱!

Additional Resources on the Church in China


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* For a complete list of churches in China, we recommend purchasing the Guide to the Catholic Church in China 2014 by Rev. Fr. Jean Charbonnier, MEP