Confraternity of Evangelism

"By virtue of our very baptism in Jesus Christ, we are called to share in Christ's salvific mission to boldly proclaim and witness to the kerygma of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to all those in our midst."
  ~ Tricia Bølle, Founder SFXLMS

Join us!
  We invite you to join the Confraternity of Evangelism, an association of the faithful under the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society (SFXLMS) that promotes mission and evangelization through a fellowship of Christian men and women who live as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ through an active life of daily evangelism, prayer, study, and charitable giving to support the work of missionaries who labor for the salvation of souls in foreign lands and cultures.

To form and encourage Christian men and women to take up the mantle of their baptismal call to evangelization through daily proclamation and witness to the truth and love of Jesus Christ, praying daily for missionaries and the conversion of all peoples to Christ, and tithing regularly to support the missionary work of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society.

  • Praying daily for the perseverance, protection, and fruitfulness of all missionaries, especially the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society as they seek to fulfill our Lord's Great Commission
  • Prayer to be a bold and humble witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in daily life (see below)
  • Praying to the Holy Spirit for openness daily opportunities to witness to the truth and love of Jesus Christ
    • Prayer of Evangelization and Witness
    • Prayer to Saint Francis Xavier
  • Daily active witness to share your faith in Jesus Christ with someone in your midst, especially those who do not know Jesus Christ or are far from the Church
  • Weekly sharing of witness testimonies
  • Watch videos from our mission team for inspiration on fruitful witness and evangelization
  • Regular and active study of the Christian faith so that we might draw deeper into our relationship with Jesus Christ and be me more effective in our evangelization
  • Monthly tithe of $15 or more to the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society
    • How are we willing to trust more deeply in God through personal sacrifice in our daily lives to be more generous in supporting the furtherance of the Gospel?
  • Openness to other ways the Lord is calling you to be charitable in your support of missions

On a warm winter's day in Hong Kong, Damian Rhodes, mission supporter and board director of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society, who is an ardent evangelist in his own right, desired to see how the evangelizing work in the mission fields could inspire a call to action among those at home who may not be called to serve as foreign missionaries themselves, but who already pray for and support the missionary work of SFXLMS.  Damian proposed his idea to use our mission to help form and encourage a fellowship of Catholic Christian evangelists who would actively go out and share the Gospel among those in their midst.  Fr. Isaiah Mary, OP and Tricia Bølle were very excited about the idea and together the three of them gained the support of the board and mission team.  The Confraternity of Evangelism also shares the hope and support of friars within the Western Dominican Province who see our mission as a catalyst for raising up and forming active evangelists among both the lay faithful and those called to religious life.

As we venture forth with this new initiative, we ask you to join us in supporting our work and praying daily: "Lord, how can I be a bold and humble witness of your truth and love to those in my midst today."
St. Francis Xavier, pray for us!  Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!

Learn more about how to become a novice member of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society - Confraternity of Evangelism.  Open to active Christians over the age of 12.  We will send you an enrollment packet of information introducing you to the Confraternity of Evangelism, including prayers, holy card, and recommended resources on faith study for mission and evangelization.


God bless you!