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Called to Serve God in Asia
Catholic Community at Stanford
- June 9, 2013
Pursuing God’s unique call for our lives is a true act of faith and love.
Interview with Mark Shea
Catholic and Enjoying It! - Radio Maria
- December 3, 2014
On the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Tricia Bølle shares with Mark Shea about being called to be a Catholic lay missionary in Asia
How to Not Be a Missionary
Catholic Community at Stanford
- February 9, 2014
(reprinted in the Valley Catholic (Diocese of San Jose) and Praedicare (St. Dominic's in SF)
A light shines in the East, and her name is Tricia.  Where is God calling you to be a missionary?
Interview with Megan Silas
RED-C Roundup - RED-C Catholic Radio
- January 27, 2015, 20"30'
Guest Tricia Bølle speaks of her lay missionary society that works to spread the Gospel in Asia.
Serving God in Asia with Faith and Love
Today's Catholic (Archdiocese of San Antonio)
- February 6, 2015
A look at Tricia Bølle's early journey to serve as a lay missionary and found the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society.
Interview with Caleb De La Rosa
Aggie Catholic Broadcasting - KACB Radio
- January 27, 2015
What is it like to be called to serve as a lay missionary in Asia?  How are all Christians called to be missionaries of the Gospel?
Interview with a Lay Missionary Going to Asia
Austin Catholic News Media
- January 25, 2015
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to take the Gospel to people that don’t know about Him?
Interview with Ed Horodko, Part 1
Living the Faith - Immaculate Heart Radio
- July 24, 2015
Interview with Ed Horodko, Part 2
Living the Faith - Immaculate Heart Radio
- July 31, 2015
Having Faith in God's Calling
Vox Clara, Vol. 3, Issue 3
- Spring 2010
A look at how Tricia Bølle's early journey of faith led her to pursue higher educational reform in China and strengthened her faith and trust in God's call to be where she is today.
Our Lay Missionary Spirituality by Fr. Isaiah & Tricia with Ed Horodko, Part 1
Living the Faith - Immaculate Heart Radio
- September 5, 2015, 41"55'
Our Lay Missionary Spirituality by Fr. Isaiah & Tricia with Ed Horodko, Part2
Living the Faith - Immaculate Heart Radio
- September 12, 2015, 48"31'
  Reflection on Mary by Tricia with Ruth Davies
Something About Mary - Totus2Us
- September 15, 2017